Selected Projects

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As with all accomplished consultants, Chuck has tackled projects of various types.  Below are a fraction of the projects he has undertaken. They are supplied here to underscore Chuck's versatility, creativity and professional skill.  For additional projects, please feel free to contact Chuck.

Richland County, Ohio

 Economic Development Market Analysis, Development Plan and Economic Development Ad campaign.

National Main Street Center (various cities across the country over several years)

Resource Team Member in:

  • Benton, Arkansas
  • Joliet, Ilinois
  • Clarksville, MO

Franklin County, North Carolina

Comprehensive market study, economic development plan and business attraction marketing campaign.

Newton, NJ Main Street Program

Conducted market analysis for the downtown and crafted and implemented a retail incubation program.

State of Virginia Main Street Program

 Delivered the keynote address at the 25th anniversary of the Virginia Main Street Program.

Fort Pierce, Florida Main Street Program

Served as a Resource Team member evaluating a new Main Street program outside of downtown.

American Society for Public Administration

Speech and Training Session on the basics of economic development.

Hollywood, Florida

Directed a full-scale market analysis of the beachfront commercial district and actively participated in the Beach Master Plan.  Engaged consultants on a Transit Oriented Development Multi-Modal station and applied for and received $8.5 million in HUD Section 108 financing.


Keynote Speaker for the Colorado Entrepreneurship Marketplace.

Downtown Brunswick, Georgia Downtown Development Authority

Conducted full-scale market analysis and presented a comprehensive economic development plan for downtown Brunswick.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

As part of an American Institute of Architects (AIA) design team addressed issues related to downtown revitalization and economic development.

Wayne, Knox, Richland, Ashland Counties in Ohio

Conducted a comprehensive economic development study for this four county region in Central Ohio. Delivered a full-scale economic development plan and a creative marketing/advertising campaign.

Quincy, Massachusetts

Created a tourism development campaign and laid the groundwork for a Tourism Bureau.

City of Miami, Florida

Conducted a five month analysis of the City of Miami's economic development programming and management. Recommendations were adopted by the City Council.

National Main Street Center

 Trained West Virginia Main Street Managers on the basics of promotion and economic development.

Pilot Point, Texas

 As part of an American Institute for Architects (AIA) team addressed issues related to downtown revitalization.

Apalachicola, Florida

 Developed Downtown economic development plan.  Conducted full-scale market analysis.

Beatrice, Nebraska

As part of an American Institute for Architecture(AIA) SDAT team addressed myriad downtown revitalization issues.

Florida Main Street Program

Addressed Main Street Annual Meeting on Entrepreneurship and Business Attraction for Downtowns.

City of Chicago 7th Ward

Developed a full scale economic development plan for the Alderman representing the 7th Ward in Chicago.

Bridgeton, NEW JERSEY Main Street Program

Developed an entrepreneruship development plan AND a community kitchen plan for the downtown program.

East Liverpool, Ohio

Conducted a downtown assessment and initial market analysis and addressed community leaders at a city forum.

Jeffersonville, Indiana

Developed a full-scale Retail Incubation plan for the downtown.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Created a Post-Katrina economic development plan for the Lakes District.

Kentucky Main Street Program

Speaker/Trainer on Entrepreneurship and Market Analysis

Cambridge, Maryland Main Street Program/Cambridge Economic Development Department

Conducted an extensive market analysis and full-scale economic development plan for the downtown commercial district.

State of Vermont Main Street Program

Spoke at annual conference and on several occasions trained Main Street Managers from around the state on market analysis, business attraction and entrepreneurship.

Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Conducted a market analysis and reuse plan fro a long-abandoned Inn in the community.

Baltimore, MARYLAND (Patterson Park Neighborhood)

As part of a charrette team addressed issues of commercial district revitalization.  Actively sought public input over a multi-day period.

Palmer, Massachusetts

Developed a full-scale economic development plan for downtown.

Michigan City, Indiana

 Lead on team that examined various economic scenarios for the relocation of the commuter rail tracks.

Lowell, Massachusetts

Directed full-scale market analysis and business attraction program. Directed regional tourism campaign and economic development advertising campaign.

Lynn, Massachusetts

Managed a national economic development marketing/advertising campaign.

Corbin, Kentucky Main Street Program

Comprehensive market analysis coupled with a far-reaching economic development plan for downtown Corbin.

State of Florida Main Street Program

Conducted 5 Training Sessions over two years for Florida Main Street Managers on Economic Development and Downtown Market Analysis.

National Main Street Center

Conference speaker on promotion in Urban Main Street Programs

State of Ohio Main Street PrograM (Heritage Ohio)

Presentation at conference on Entrepreneurship and Market Analysis.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Lawrenceville Neighborhood)

Economic Development Plan for the commercial district and keynote speaker at their annual conference.

Granby, Colorado

Entrepreneurship Development Plan for the downtown coupled with numerous community presentations.

Richmond, Virginia

 Economic Development Plan for the commercial district in the Greater Fulton neighborhood.

Lynn Haven, Florida

Served as team leader for a Main Street Resource Team assessing the downtown while offering long-term economic development plans.